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Electrical safety is an important matter. Did you know that non-compliant workmanship and the use of defective equipment can lead to disastrous consequences? Why risk a house fire or your health when you can rely on the experts at Go Fusion Electrical to get the job done both safely and efficiently. Do it for the sake of your peace of mind and know that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Our team of EcoSmart accredited electricians are your best option in Perth because not only are they versatile and efficient but they are also trained to provide the most energy-efficient solutions and recommendations while working onsite. We are keen to discuss technical issues to help you make informed decisions about everything from installation preferences to best industry practices. If you are looking for a versatile contractor with a wealth of technical knowledge, then simply give us a call.

Why Go Fusion Electrical Should Oversee Your Next Repair or Installation

  • We take the time to understand your needs and concerns
  • We implement best industry practices
  • All of our field contractors are experienced, qualified electricians
  • We celebrate success and foster skill development opportunities within our team
  • Our reputation is forged by our high standards
  • Our hands on management team oversees every job personally

Most of our contract work comes from referrals and existing clientele. We believe in developing strong professional relationships because not only do we strive for greatness but we also take pride in our achievements. By setting the benchmark high for customer service and delivering exceptional quality work we hope that our organisation influences the industry in positive ways.

Electrical Installations for Residential Projects

Whether you are renovating a home or restoring an old dwelling there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of our electrical services. Since 2007 we have engaged in the following installations:

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Fan-forced ventilation can keep your home moisture-free while protecting exposed wall surfaces and crevices from mould and water damage. Also, fresh circulating air should prevent bad smells from lingering for too long. During warmer seasons it is also pleasant to fit ceiling fans for better climate control.

We install exhaust fans where they are needed most: the kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom. The general rule with exhaust fans is finding the perfect spot to extract air. Our team of professional electricians can determine the most effective positioning of these products so that you reap the benefits of optimised airflow and more hygienic, cleaner living.

Heat Lamps

When you jump out of the shower on a freezing cold morning it can be an unpleasant experience to feel the temperature plummet as you tear off your towel and rummage for something warmer to wear. Why consistently ruin your morning when we can fit heat lamps in your bathroom to ward off the chills?

We can assess the wattage and the type of fitting that you will require to ensure that the end result is perfect.

Light Fittings

Our EcoSmart accredited electricians can offer you effective energy saving alternatives to illuminating your rooms. For more information regarding our preferred light fitting solutions consult with us about our energy audits.

Home Improvements

Looking to increase the value, safety, or convenience of your home? We can assist by sourcing and installing the latest technology for the 21st century home.

Security Lights

Do you need a passive deterrent to prevent vandalism and theft? Perhaps you want an automatic light to alert you of visitors at night or you just need a simple solution for opening the front door in the evening? Whatever the reason, security lighting is a great addition to any home.

For best results, we will take the time to position the motion sensor and the security light to ensure that you are satisfied with the product and the installation.

TV and Data Points

Do you have any TV signal issues? While most people blame the antenna, there are instances where the cabling throughout the walls and the roof spaces are either damaged or are not connected properly with the connection points.

You may also prefer to install new TV and data points to enable network and television capabilities in other rooms. We can discuss options before we conduct any work onsite to determine the most appropriate solution for you.

Downlights and Barriers

The Australian / New Zealand wiring rules have been amended so that it is now compulsory for downlights to be installed with a commercially available barrier to prevent the ingress of combustible material.

A review of FESA fire data for the period 2002 to 2009 reveals a substantial increase in roof space fires which have occurred when heat from a downlight (in particular low voltage dichroic downlights) has come into contact with insulation or other combustible material.

These fires have resulted in damage ranging from smouldering cellulose and bagged insulation, charred roof timbers, burnt transformers to severe fire damage to the entire home.

Each of our electricians are able to supply and install downlight barriers with any new installation of downlights or existing configurations. Alternatively, you can purchase downlight barriers from most lighting shops.

Power Points (Indoor & Outdoor)

Do you need more power points in your home? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your sockets to enable more appliances to be connected to specific rooms. Alternatively, you might be looking for someone to test and replace older style power points to meet current standards.

For your health and safety we recommend that you engage one of our electricians in Perth to perform a diagnostic routine on the wiring infrastructure and power points in your home.

Did you know that we can now install USB sockets as power points? Contact us for more details if you are keen to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and electrical innovations.

Surge Protectors

Invest in devices that can protect your switchboard and other critical assets from power spikes and voltage issues. We can help you find the most suitable options for your household.

Other Electrical Services

In addition to our standard duties we also specialise in:

RCDs/Safety Switches

legislation introduced in 2009 requires all home sellers (before sale) and landlords to install at minimum two RCDs, covering all power points and lighting circuits. If you don’t have RCDs installed on your properties, you could be in breach of the law.

RCDs save lives

RCDs monitor the movement of electricity from the main switchboard and are crucial to preventing electrocution by interruping the electricity supply if an anomaly in the current is found.  By installing two or more RCDs, the building’s circuits can be split evenly.  This means some light and power are still present if one RCD engages and also mitigates faulty operation from devices which have low-level leakage current.

Installing and testing safety switches is an inexpensive safety measure that protects you and your loved ones.

Our team of qualified electricians can install these devices and can also conduct annual safety switch tests using state-of-the-art technology.

To learn more about RCDs & safety switches please see the fact sheet located on the Department of Commerce website here.

Mains Powered Smoke Alarms

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), mains fed smoke alarms must be installed in the following circumstances:

  • A new property is built.
  • An existing property is renovated significantly.
  • An existing residential building is sold. (Must be done prior to sale)
  • All tenancy properties must have mains powered smoke alarms installed, effective Oct 1 2011.

These are legislative requirements under the Local Government (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 1960 section 248 and the Local Government Act 1995 section 9.60, and the Building Amendments Regulations 2009.

While it is expected these regulations will be self policing, local government will have oversight of the compliance regime and will have the authority to issue infringement notices or fines up to $5,000 for non-compliance.

Qualified professionals will be aware of these laws or you can get in touch with the Department of Commerce for further information.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

The Building Regulations 2012 state that it is essential that the smoke alarms are properly maintained. It is the responsibility of the landlord or owner to make sure “to the extent practicable” that the smoke alarms are functioning correctly and less than 10 years old (Part 8, Division 3, Regulation 62).

At Go Fusion Electrical we offer a yearly testing and cleaning program to meet the above “to the extent practicable” requirement and safeguard the landlord/real estate agent against any legal ramifications that may arise.

Our testing program not only meets, but exceeds the minimum testing recommendations by FESA. Testing the smoke alarm VS testing the siren? Did you know that by pressing the smoke alarm “test” button, that nothing more than the operation of siren in the alarm is actually being tested. By pressing the “test” button on the smoke alarm – this in no way tests that the alarm can detect smoke or not.

At Go Fusion Electrical, we ensure your smoke alarm is working correctly by testing the alarm using our “smoke in a can” test spray. Our smoke alarm servicing includes cleaning of the smoke alarm vents by vacuuming them and we also replace any back up battery with a new one.

For more information on smoke alarms please see the DFES website here.

Testing & Tagging

To regulate electrical standards, the industry relies on diligent electricians to identify defects via audits and testing. If something has been wired incorrectly in the switchboard, for instance, it can cause a range of issues from nuisance tripping to flickering lights.

In these situations, the inspector can tag the system, isolate circuits if necessary and then alert the contractor responsible for the technical error so that they can re-attend and rectify in a timely manner.

Appliance Repair

Do you need someone to have a look at an electrical appliance that has stopped working? The heat won’t turn on? The LED is not showing any signs of life? Let Go Fusion Electrical have a look. We have experience with testing and repairing various home products from stovetops and rangehoods to ovens and electrical hot water systems.

Energy Audit

Are you concerned about the rising cost of electricity? Managing your energy consumption can be tricky—especially when you run a busy household. Did you know that there is more to energy saving than simply turning TVs off and using the AC sparingly?

We can inspect your home and determine exactly why your utility bills are skyrocketing. It could be anything from power-hungry lighting to inefficient wiring.

Proficient Electricians in Perth

We operate throughout the Perth metropolitan area and invest in satellite navigation to ensure our electricians are on time, every time. Call us today.