Guaranteed prompt service

Being stuck sourcing an electrician when you do not have power, lights or hot water? This can certainly be stressful when you find they are fully booked or already clocked off for the day. We have staff and systems in place to ensure that an electrician is available at a time when you need it most.

Guaranteed we turn up on time

You can be 100% certain that we will be there at the agreed time – so much so that if we’re late we’ll pay you $50. It is proof that we understand everyone’s time is valuable and that when we make a commitment to turn up at a particular time, we stick to it.

Guaranteed lifetime warranty on workmanship

We are that confident in the quality of our work it’s 100% guaranteed for life. If there is ever a problem we will fix it free or pay for another electrician to fix it for you.

* If an alternate electrician other than from Go Fusion Electrical is required, the alternate electrician is to be sourced by Go Fusion Electrical. If the client sources an alternate electrician themselves, Go Fusion Electrical is not liable for the payment or reimbursement of the invoice and the warranty becomes void. ** This guarantee excludes materials or products used which are applicable to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. If a product or material is deemed to be faulty, the client may be charged depending on warranty periods as issued by the manufacturer. Clients will be made aware of these costs prior to the required service. *** This only applies if there is no damage, alterations or changes made to Go Fusion Electrical’s work caused by influences other than that related to Go Fusion Electrical e.g. rotting timbers, leaking roofs, alternate trades faulty workmanship, renovations, unsound structures, etc.

Guaranteed our work meets Australia Standards & Electricity Regulations

Electrical faults caused by poor workmanship and low standards can be very dangerous for you, your family, friends and tenants. Each electrician is up to date with the latest Australian Standards & Electricity Regulations ensuring that all of their work is of the highest standard. You can be assured that everyone, their belongings and the property are in safe hands.

Guaranteed compliance certificates within 7 days

For all electrical installing work we guarantee to send an electrical compliance certificate within 7 days of the work being completed. This certificate is personally signed by the electrician who performed the installing work and is a written confirmation of the quality of the workmanship.

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