Safety Switches

Safety switches are designed to protect people when they receive an electric shock where the shock current or residual current flows to earth. Safety switches are required to operate when predetermined values of shock current or residual current flow. They are also required to switch the power off to the equipment within 300 milliseconds or less.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to protect energised circuits by automatically switching off the electricity when overcurrent occurs. Overcurrent can be caused by overloading the circuit, or by short-circuit faults occurring in the wiring or appliances. It is important that earthing contacts of power points and the exposed metal of appliances are earthed to ensure that sufficient fault-current will flow to cause the circuit breaker to automatically switch-off. With the electricity automatically switched-off due to a fault in the appliance or wiring no further danger exists until the circuit is re-energised.

Surge Diverters

Surge diverters are designed to protect electrical installations and appliances from damage associated with voltage surges that are beyond the design of the electrical equipment. A voltage surge may occur as a result of lightning strike or other surges generated within the electricity system. Some surge diverters can only be used once and may need replacing after a voltage surge has occurred. A regular visual inspection of the device is recommended i.e. once a week.

If you’re unsure about whether your home or business is safely wired, call us today for an inspection.